Our Business Model

Our Business Model is based on 3 P’s namely:


Business Consulting

The business processes that are critical for business success.



The physical world that employees & employers work in.


Leadership Development

Looking for an executive coach to guide & challenge company leaders & private individuals to realise their full potential. Click here!

Our Vision

To streamline organizations, engage employees, develop leaders, and create a competitive edge while ensuring an optimal working environment for our clients. We focus mainly on the African market and have built an extensive track record over the past few decades. Our African footprint spans the following countries:

South Africa

Sierra Leone









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We will spend one hour together. During this time we will discover what is really going on for you, the kind of life you want to be living, what is holding you back and how we can change things for you forever. This time may well be all you need from me. If not, we will design a bespoke coaching package for you to address the changes you would like to make in your life.

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The Life Coaching Framework

The way you think profoundly influences your behaviour and future outcomes. Learning to think differently enables you to feel and behave differently. Through Neuro Logistics Programming, Time Line Therapy and Life Mapping Plan we help to strengthen certain patterns and brain connections, making it easier to create new habits.

  • Assess

    Assess the current situation. Discuss desirable outcomes.

  • Goals

    Set specific goals for performance and behaviour.

  • Monitor

    Implement the Life Map Plan and Monitor progress.

  • Evaluate

    Evaluate results and adjust Life Map Plan accordingly.